Lilith and Her Harem by May Dawson Series Review

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Time for a book review! I just finished Lilith and Her Harem series by May Dawson and here is my view of this series. I will give you a little background of each book and then tell you my overall feelings about this book. *hint* It’s not great. 😶‍🌫️

lilith and her angels series by may dawson book review

Book Reading Order

  1. Wild Angels
  2. Fierce Angels
  3. Dirty Angels
  4. Chosen Angels

Book Summary

wild angels by may dawson

Ellis has lost her twin, Ash, in a car crash, and she has been suffering nightmares since. She sees her sister, Ash, running for her life, but is never able to reach her.

And when Ellis wakes from her nightmares, her world is literally on fire around her.

Her mother surrenders her to a “reform school” for people like her. But she quickly finds out that it is not a school but a secret private facility determined to uncover her secrets. There she meets Ryker and Levi. Drawn to both, she must learn who she is and all that destiny has for her.

Ellis is now on the run with Levi, Ryker, and Jacob (the third brother). The demons and the Company both want them for their powers and ability to travel into the Far. They need to find the fourth member of the harem to grow stronger.

Ellis is pulled in different directions as she tries to protect her boys, mom, and sister from the Far.

The boys in Ellis’s life would do anything for her, except forgive their half-demon brother, Nimshi.

Nimshi’s father stole his soul, and they are going to try to steal it back, hoping that he will be a different man with his soul back in his body.

Ellis struggles with learning to navigate being in a relationship with her harem all the while trying to bind her family back together.

chosen angels by may dawson book cover

Nimshi’s been struck down with a Final blade, and now he’s trapped in Hell. Samson tempts me to come after him.

Ellis and her boys start to plan on how to get into the Far and slip into Hell to ring Nim back.

But in the real world, the hunter’s Council has called for a “meeting” because they have sided with their half-demon brother. Plus, they have an unknown enemy that might just be their undoing.



I stumbled upon this book after looking for some reverse harem recommendations, and it seemed like it had good reviews, so I jumped in!

I really wanted to love the characters but I had such a hard time. Ellis, the main female lead, was a little flat and honestly annoying at times, but she grew on me as I read through the series. She did have some growth, but I really wished her character was fleshed out more.

I really enjoyed the boy’s characters, they had some dimension but still fell short at times for me. But there were some really cute moments between them and Ellis that had me hanging on to the series.


The storyline had so much going for it but it was too all over the place for me! There were so many plot holes, unnecessary scenes, and random enemies that were thrown in that it made everything even more confusing.

The plot was convoluted and not in a good way. Overall, the ideas were good, but the execution wasn’t my favorite. I do want to say I know this is one of May Dawson’s first books, and that her other series is really good! Everyone grows and changes, so make sure you check out some of her newer series.


This was actually one of my favorite parts of the book. I thought the setting was very detailed and I loved her descriptions of the Far and the boy’s home.

It was very detailed and well thought out. Dawson used the setting as a way to help support the characters and give more depth to them.

Wrap up

Overall, this book was 3 out of 5 stars for me. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best either. I would recommend this book to someone who is just starting out with reverse harems and want to dip their toe into this type of trope. Make sure you check out May Dawson’s other books Dragon Royals Series and Their Shifter Princess, they are an average of 4/5 stars!

If you are looking for more romance book recs, go check out my post about the best burn the world down for you trope books!

Happy reading!

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