16 Swoon Worthy Lawyer Romance Books to Add to Your TBR

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Romance Books with Lawyers

Lawyer romance books are a genre of books that have gained more popularity in recent years. These books usually feature lawyers as the main characters and incorporate themes of love, drama, and legal proceedings, making them a perfect blend of romance and interesting legal talk.

With a bunch of new books being published in this subgenre, lawyer romance books have started to captivate readers with their powerful and compelling stories. Whether you’re a fan of courtroom drama, legal procedures, or just a good love story, lawyer romance books are sure to hit the spot for you.

lawyer romance books to read

In this blog post, we will dive into the world of lawyer romance books, exploring their characteristics, popular themes, and why readers love this genre so much. So, if you’re looking for a romantic escape from reality, get ready to discover the captivating world of lawyer romance books.

What is a lawyer romance?

Lawyer romance is a pretty cool subgenre of romance fiction. It’s got all the drama of a courtroom battle but with a love story to tug at your heartstrings.

It features lawyers as the main characters, legal knowledge, and usually a lot of emotional tension all wrapped up in the legal world. Plus, sometimes you get to see the lawyers work through their professional and personal lives.

It’s like two genres in one—legal drama and romance—so no wonder why lawyer romance is so popular!

Top Lawyer Romance Books

16 | First Impressions

first impressions

Eden Palmer moves to Arundel, NC, and takes over Farrington Manor. But she’s got two bachelors coming after her – Jared McBride and Braddon Granville, both lawyers. Things get a bit complicated when some mystery pops up that could destroy her life. Will she be able to use one of them to save herself from the other?

🤩 Why you need to read it: This is one of my favorite “old lady” authors that write the perfect amount of suspense with a dash of romance.

15 | The Fix Up

the fix up

A lawyer and her friend, Sterling, who is British and very alpha, have been exchanging looks and feeling all the tension between them. When they start working together, the boundaries between business and pleasure become blurred, and Sterling wants to take things further. However, she knows the lawyer won’t abide by her rules, and she is not willing to be discarded when he’s done.

🤩Why you need to read this: There is so much tension and spice in this book! If you ever have read anything by Kendall Ryan, then you know she writes the best NA romances.

14 | The Gamble

the gamble

Nina Sheridan, a lawyer, jets off to Colorado to rethink her engagement, and who does she find in her cabin? A hot stranger! She and Max have an instant connection, but a dangerous secret might ruin it all.

🤩 Why I loved it: I love LONG books, and the fact that this is a lawyer romance book with 629 pages sealed the deal for me.

13 | The Friendship Contract

the friendship contract

Damon and Allegra enter into an agreement to remain friends despite their mutual attraction, but when they find themselves living and working together, they must re-read the fine print: “Do not fall in love”. This romantic contract includes all the classic tropes, such as friends to lovers, workplace romance, and vacation romance.

🤩 Why I loved it: If you are looking to diversify your reading then this book is a great place to start. It’s a light-hearted lawyer romance book that is hilarious at some points. The characters were amazing and the plot was so fun to read.

12 | Legal Affairs

legal affairs

McKayla Dawson just graduated from law school and she’s already got a wild story to tell: she joined a secret sex club and ended up having a one-night stand with her new boss, Matt Connover. He’s a temptation that she’s not sure her heart can handle, but it’s definitely one wild ride!

🤩 Why you need to read this: A captivating plot plus a strong female lead that has so much chemistry with the main male character. 🤤

11 | Appealed


Brent and Kennedy have had their fair share of drama, but it looks like they’re going head to head in court now. Even though they don’t get along, their heated debates are kindling a spark between them. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up falling in love. This book is a funny take on first crushes, second chances, and the power of love.

🤩 Why I loved it: If you love second chance romances with lots of steam then you will love this lawyer romance book!

10 | Ego Maniac

ego maniac

After being totally scammed out of her office, this woman meets the actual tenant, Drew Jagger, and agrees to cover his phone in exchange for staying until she finds a new spot. Even though they’re different, they start to feel something for each other and have to decide if they can look past the differences and make things work.

🤩 Why I loved it: Not only is this book spicy, but it has lovable characters and a plot line that will draw you in from page one!

9 | Five Ways to Fall

five ways to fall

Reese MacKay moves to Miami to start over after her marriage didn’t work out, and who does she run into? Ben Morris, the smokin’ hot bouncer from her one-night stand in Cancun. Despite her stepdad’s warnings, the spark between Reese and Ben is undeniable, and they have to figure out if they’re willing to take the plunge and risk their jobs for a chance at love.

🤩 Why you need to read this book: Reese and Ben have the best banter ever and one of the sweetest romances in a lawyer romance novel.

8 | Bad Boys After Dark: Mick


Amanda Jenner, a paralegal, is totally over her single life and decides to put her skills to the test at a masquerade bar crawl. There she meets Mick Bad, an entertainment attorney who always sticks to his rules, but can’t help but be drawn in by Amanda’s charms. When Mick offers to show Amanda the ropes in the art of seduction, things don’t go as planned and he ends up learning a thing or two instead.

🤩 Why I loved it: I love all of Melissa Foster’s books and this one is no different. Add in a spicy-talking lawyer and I’m hooked.

7 | The Lawyer

the lawyer

A woman meets a man in a rooftop bar and has a passionate night with him, only to find out the next day that he is her sister’s cutthroat entertainment lawyer. He proposes to make her famous, but she must decide if she wants to take the chance and risk losing the man she had a connection with.

🤩 Why you need to read this book: This book features lots of steam, an alpha lawyer, and some lovable side characters.

6 | The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know by Elizabeth O Roark

A lawyer is faced with a dilemma when a case comes into the firm that could change her and her nemesis’ careers. Despite her policy to avoid him, she finds herself spending weekends and evenings with him. Things start to heat up quickly between them creating some spicy steam.

🤩 Why you should read this book: Ben and Gemma will literally steal your heart and become your new favorite comfort read. He falls first, all the witty banter, and so much chemistry you will combust.

5 | Practice Makes Perfect

practice makes perfect

Payton and J.D. have been keeping their distance for 8 years until they were asked to team up on a big case. Then, they start to realize how much they appreciate each other’s commitment to the law and feel a bit of a spark. But when they find out only one of them will be made partners, it’s pretty much a battle of the sexes to see who will come out on top!

🤩 Why I loved it: Funny, lighthearted romance that is the perfect lawyer romance novel.

4 | Reasonable Doubt

reasonable doubt

This story follows a high-profile lawyer who fulfills his sexual needs by anonymously chatting and sleeping with women he meets online. However, everything changes when he meets “Alyssa,” a woman he thought was unattractive and with whom he shared his weekly escapades.

When Alyssa unexpectedly shows up at his firm for a college-intern interview, the lawyer’s feelings toward her start to change, and he begins to question his own rules.

🤩 Why you should read this book: GUYS! This book is for adult eyes only. That’s all I have to say.


3 | Give Me Yesterday

give me yesterday

Victoria Larkin, a high-powered divorce lawyer known as the “ice queen”, meets Chase Monroe, a college psychology professor, while attending grief counseling. Despite their pasts, they are drawn to each other, but tragedy threatens to keep them from finding a happy future together.

🤩 Why I loved it: If you want to ugly cry and feel all your emotions then this book is for you!

2 | Stinger

give me yesterday

Grace Hamilton and Carson Stinger, two people from different worlds, unexpectedly spend time together and are changed by the experience. Despite their vastly different lives, they are drawn to each other, but it is unclear if they can overcome the obstacles in their way.

🤩 Why you should read it: This is by the same author who wrote, Archer’s Voice, so you know it will be amazing!

1 | If I Never Met You

If I never Met You

Laurie is left reeling when her partner of over a decade suddenly ends things, and she must face the humiliation of seeing him every day at the same law firm. A chance encounter with the office playboy leads to a plan to fake a relationship to give the rumor mill something else to talk about, but Laurie soon finds herself actually falling for her charming, handsome fake boyfriend.

🤩 Why I loved it: This lawyer romance book has the best rom-com movie feeling, PLUS amazing side characters, and fake dating. Mhairi will be your new favorite go-to author.

Common themes in lawyer romance novels

Lawyer romance books are packed with detailed knowledge about the law and steamy romance. You’ll find all kinds of themes, from lawyers falling in love with their clients aka the forbidden love trope, to lawyers falling in love with each other, to lawyers fighting for justice and their beliefs.

Plus, you get an inside look at the obstacles lawyers face in their personal and professional lives. So dive in and enjoy the wild ride that lawyer romance books offer!

Why people love lawyer romance books?

Lawyer romance books offer a unique blend of escapism, drama, and romance, making them the perfect choice for readers who are looking to lose themselves in a good story.

People love lawyer romance books for many reasons, including their love for legal procedures and courtrooms, their interest in the law and justice system, and the added combination of romance.

These books also tend to feature strong, passionate, and smart characters who are easy to root for and become invested in. Whether you’re a law student, a legal professional, or just someone who enjoys a good love story, lawyer romance books can provide a thrilling and entertaining read that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

In conclusion, lawyer romance books are a genre of literature that offers a unique blend of legal procedures, drama, and romance. With their strong and smart characters, compelling stories, and a touch of legal knowledge, these books have captured the hearts of many readers.

From forbidden love between lawyers and clients to lawyers fighting for justice and their own beliefs, the themes of these books are timeless and resonate with readers of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of courtroom drama, legal procedures, or just a good love story, lawyer romance books are sure to satisfy you.

As the popularity of this genre continues to grow, it’s clear that the appeal of lawyer romance books is here to stay. So, if you’re looking for a thrilling escape from reality, grab a good book, sit back, and enjoy the world of lawyer romance.

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