Best 7 Burn the World Down for You Book Recommendations

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This topic is something I have been SO excited to share with you! I am obsessed with the burn the world down for you trope and it is in my top 5 favorite tropes to read.

What is the burn the world down for you book trope?

You may be wondering what exactly this trope is. It involves morally gray/villain main characters who will literally destroy worlds for their true love. 🔥

The character usually has a soft spot for their partner but will give everyone else the vibe of “you touch her, and I will kill you”. This can often start as an enemies to lovers romance which makes it even more exciting when it turns into this type of trope.

Burn the World Down For You Book Troupe List

These are a mix of my personal favorites and also highly recommend books from Goodreads and Reddit.

1️⃣Shadow Shifter Series by Jaymin Eve

This is the first book in the Shadow Beast Shifters series where we get to meet Mera, a wolf shifter. She is constantly getting beaten down and bullied by her pack because of her father’s past mistakes.

But on the night of her first shift, she finds her true soul mate and is rejected by them.

From this immense pain of getting refused by her soul mate, she cries out and changes her world forever.

She calls the Shadow Beast. The shifter god of her kind.

This book is grumpy/sunshine and the BEST burn the world down for you vibes. The first book is more of a slow burn and isn’t super spicy. But trust me it picks up a lot in the next books.

This is the perfect book if you are looking to dive into a new series with an anti-hero and tough heroine. I highly recommend it, plus it’s free on kindle unlimited.

2️⃣Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Alex Volkov is a morally grey character who remembers every painful moment from his childhood and is seeking revenge. Ava Chen on the other hand has barely any memories from her childhood even though she knows they are bad.

Alex is tasked with watching over Ava because her brother, Josh, is going abroad. Then in mixes alphahole grumpy Alex with Ava the sunshine queen. 🌞

I loved how their relationship grew over time and how Ava knew her worth in the end. It has fun friend groups, strong brother/sister relationships, and some burn the world down for you moments that are swoon-worthy.

3️⃣A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St Clair

Persephone is the Goddess of Spring but since she was a little girl, flowers have shriveled at her touch. She moves to New Athens, to live a life disguised as a mortal journalist.

Hades, God of the Dead, has built a gambling empire in the mortal world and loves an impossible bet.

After an accidental encounter with Hades, Persephone finds herself in a contract with him. She has to create life aka grow plants in the Underworld or lose her freedom forever.

As they are forced together into the underworld, Persephone starts to fall in love with him. I do have to say the first book is more of a 3/5 🌶️ on the spicy scale and but the chemistry between them is so good!

The books just get better as you read through the series and you will love the fresh take on this popular greek mythology story.

4️⃣We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal

This book is set in a richly detailed world inspired by ancient Arabia and is a gripping story of adventure, overcoming fear, and self-identity.

Zafira is one of the few people able to go into the magical forest unharmed. She disguises herself as The Hunter, to help feed her people. She finds out a way to save her people if she travels to the island of Sharr to collect a lost artifact.

Nasir is the Prince of Death, assassinating those who defy his father, the sultan. He is sent on a mission to find out what The Hunter is after and to kill them.

Not only does it have the burn the world down for you trope but also enemies to lovers. 👀 The banter between them is everything you could want in a book boyfriend. It truly is a fantasy book with all the world-building, politics, history, and magic systems.

5️⃣Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

This is the 12th book out of 15, and one of Nalini’s most popular ones. This book continues in the high fantasy world divided by Psy (mind powers), changelings (shifters), and humans.

Well, you technically don’t need to read the books in order, I recommend you do because each book builds on the next even though the character focus changes in each one.

The storyline follows Kaleb a psychotic, morally grey character, and Sahara who saves him, and the world from what he could be without her. The banter and heat between these characters will make you literally scream.

This series is described as the backbone of a good paranormal romance and you won’t regret reading it.

6️⃣That Time I Got Drunk and Saved A Demon

We follow the main character by the name of Cinnamon after she casually runs into a demon, Fallon, after a night out. After she saves Fallon, he reveals that his people are under the control of an evil witch.

They set off on a hilarious adventure to destroy the witch and free those who have been bound to her.

Cinnamon and Fallon’s relationship is literally the cutest romance. They try to deny it at first which makes for a slow burn but it does pick up to be spicy. The pacing is great and it’s such a happy quick read.

7️⃣A Touch of Stone and Snow by Milla Vane

This is book two in the Gathering of Dragon series. We get to read Aerax and Lizzan’s story.

They’ve been each other’s closest ally for years but after Lizzan is exiled from her home, Aerax, the bastard prince of Koth starts to push her away. But their world is being torn apart by the Destroyer, with demons and wraiths lurking in the shadows.

Lizzan leads the Kothan army against the Destroyer, only to have her soldiers massacred, with her as the only survivor. After this, she becomes a mercenary for hire until she meets up with warriors seeking an alliance with the northern kingdoms. Guess who is part of that group?

Her childhood friend, Aerax, and the one who sent her into exile. Aerax feels like he can’t trust her but then they get BOUND together by a goddess to overcome the evil. 🙈

This story has a best friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romance vibe all wrapped up in a happy ending. This book works as a standalone. If you are looking for a burn the world down for you then definitely check this book out!

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Dark Romance Books for the Win

I hope you enjoyed this mini book review of 7 Burn the world down for you recs. I love all of these books and they fit the bill of the fictional villain that we all want to love. If you are looking for more contemporary romance recommendations check out this list here!

What are your favorite burn the world for your books? Comment below and let me know. 👇

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