Discover 18 of the Best Romance Books with Pregnancy Trope

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Most Popular Romance Books with Pregnancy

I know this is a controversial trope discussion in the book world, but today I’m going to be sharing the best romance books with pregnancy.

These books have become slowly more popular among readers in recent years, and I figure it’s time to share all my recommendations that fit this trope. There’s just something about the combination of steamy romance and the cuteness of babies that I love to read especially after becoming a mom myself.

In this blog post, I’m going to share different book recommendations for subgenres of romance novels with pregnancy, from steamy to historical to billionaire romance.

You may enjoy this type of book list if you are starting a family yourself right now or just love the idea of kids. It’s a fun chance to see the softer, more vulnerable side of characters, which I think can add a lot of depth to them.

Plus don’t forget about the pregnancy tropes in romance! Whether it’s the accidental pregnancy or the billionaire expecting a child, these tropes add an extra layer of fun and anticipation to the story.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore the wonderful world of romance novels with pregnancy and birth.

romance books with pregnancy trope book recommendations

What is the pregnancy trope in romance?

So, what exactly is the pregnancy trope in romance? Well, it’s a plot device that involves a character becoming pregnant, either planned or on accident.

This trope is often used in many different subgenres of romance, such as accidental/one-night stands, billionaire, historical, alpha male, dark steamy romance, and hidden pregnancy romance novels.

Each type of sub-genre has its own interpretation of the pregnancy theme, but they all involve some sort of family conflict and emotional turmoil.

What is the hidden pregnancy trope?

The hidden pregnancy trope involves the main female character keeping her pregnancy a secret from the main male character. This secret can be revealed at different points in the story, causing conflicts and tensions between the characters.

This trope can be found in lots of different subgenres of romance, including contemporary, historical, and fantasy.

Usually, the hidden pregnancy trope goes along with the unplanned pregnancy. You may see the MFC choosing to peruse single motherhood and then later catch back up with the MMC later on in life. Or they could try to hide the pregnancy from them for as long as possible for different reasons.

Regardless of the subgenre, the hidden pregnancy trope is a powerful plot device that can add depth and complexity to a romance story.

Which book is best during pregnancy?

Personal preference plays a huge role in determining which book is best for you during pregnancy. You may want to stick with nonfiction to learn more about birth and motherhood or maybe you just want to relax and read some fiction.

It’s important to consider your individual reading preferences, as well as any pregnancy-related concerns you may have.

If you enjoy reading romance novels, you may find it helpful to look for books that feature pregnancy. These books can provide a break from the stress and worry of pregnancy and childbirth, while also exploring the ups and downs of becoming a parent.

Reading about characters going through similar experiences can offer comfort and support during a time when many women feel vulnerable and unsure. There are many novels available, both contemporary romance and historical, that are sure to resonate with you and make your pregnancy journey a little bit easier.

Accidental or One-Night Stand Pregnancy Romance Novels

These books usually tell the story of a couple who have a short romantic night or casual relationship that leads to a surprise pregnancy. In these types of books, you will often see the couple trying to deal with their situation and decide if they are willing to commit to each other and their child.

1️⃣ Undeniably You

undeniably you

This book is about Sydney Montgomery, who is house-sitting before pursuing her career as a museum curator. She meets Lautner Sullivan, a pediatric resident who fate delivers to the wrong house, and they quickly fall into 30 days of fun. Then fate intervenes and might give them forever.

🤩 What I loved about it: Sydney and Lautner have such a cute meet up and the tension is off the charts! It’s the perfect blend of humor, romance, and a great character arc.

2️⃣ Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake

lizzie blakes best mistake

This book is a romance story about Lizzie. She has made many mistakes in her life and has kept herself at a distance from people. After a brief encounter, Lizzie becomes pregnant and tells the father, Rake, who has given up on relationships.

Despite his initial reluctance, he wants to be a part of their child’s life. Lizzie and Rake learn that even mistakes can lead to beautiful consequences through their mishaps and their platonic bed-sharing arrangement.

🤩 Why you should read this book: This is one of my favorite romance books with pregnancy in it. Lizzie is very relatable as a character and I loved the author’s writing style. You will be laughing and crying throughout this book. Plus there is the one bed trope as well. 😉

3️⃣ One Moment Please

one moment please

This is a romance novel about an ER doctor who discovers that the woman he had a one-night stand with is pregnant with his baby. Despite their initial dislike for each other, they end up in a relationship after the unexpected news.

🤩 Why I loved this book: I mean the description says it all! It is written in a dual POV and the combination of tension and humor is perfection.

Steamy Romance Novels with Pregnancy

These types of books are centered around passionate love and intimacy that results in a pregnancy. The couple usually has to overcome relationship challenges and prepare for a life with a baby.

1️⃣ Puck Shy

puck shy

This rom-com book is about a hockey player who is having a bad year. He meets a girl on a dating app who he is drawn to, despite his focus on his career. The book explores their relationship and the challenges they face, including the unexpected pregnancy of the girl.

🤩 Why I loved it: I recently went on a huge hockey romance kick, and this one had the unexpected fun of a surprise pregnancy. My favorite part was that there was so much steam but without sacrificing good character development.

2️⃣ Court of the Vampire Queen

court of the vampire queen

A half-human, half-vampire woman named Mina is gifted to the dark and powerful Malachi Zion by her father. As Mina spends more time with Malachi, she realizes he’s not the monster she thought he was and begins to develop feelings for him and his two closest friends.

Together, they may give Mina the power to take back her life and claim her rightful crown.

🤩 Why I loved it: I love vampire romances and this one is absolute perfection. It is BEYOND spicy with not a lot of plot added in. This is a very planned pregnancy and is an RH (reverse harem) so if that’s not your thing I would skip over it.

3️⃣ Wings of Silence by Elise H. Ford

wings of silence

This is a romance novel about a girl named Elmery who has been hiding her wings for five years until she meets another person with wings, Owel. Owel takes Elmery to the Unseelie Court where she meets new friends and enemies while discovering a hidden power within herself.

🤩 Why you should read it: This is a very steamy fae romance with amazing world building and characters.

Sweet Contemporary Pregnancy Romances

1️⃣ Those Three Little Words

those three little words

This book is about a hockey player named, Eli, who gets his best friend’s sister pregnant. The story follows the aftermath of the pregnancy announcement, including threats, revoked friendships, and Eli is forced to live with Penny. Despite the challenges, Eli finds himself falling for her as they navigate the ups and downs of pregnancy together.

🤩 Why I loved it: Meghan Quinn is the queen of romance and this book has everything that I love to see in a romance book. The character’s relationship was so beautiful to read and you will be crying and laughing at the same time.

It is highly rated on GoodReads plus you can read it for free on kindle unlimited. If you are currently pregnant this one is great to read because Penny is very relatable.

2️⃣ Chasing Her Fire

chasing her fire

Firefighter Logan Bailey and his nemesis, Cara Goulding share a mind-blowing night together, leading to tension and a spark between them.

🤩 Why you should read it: I love the enemies to lovers trope and adding in the accidental pregnancy trope just made it that much better. It’s a great book to add to your romance books with pregnancy TBR.

3️⃣ My Kind of Love

My Kind of Love

This book is about Micaela who falls in love with a boy, but then tragically loses him. She meets Ryan and they spend time together, but they both know their time is limited. Eventually, they part ways, but their love story is far from over.

🤩 Why I loved it: I have a deep secret love of military romance novels and this one was perfection. It was clear that Ryan and Micalea were made for each other.

Billionaire Pregnant Romance Novels

In these books, the main female character gets pregnant by a rich and powerful man, often a CEO or a billionaire. It usually involves very alpha males and lots of tension.

1️⃣ The Tycoon’s Vacation

the tycoons vacation

This romance novel follows Drew Titan, who meets Trinity Mathews while on vacation at one of his resorts. They have a week-long romance, but Trinity is upset when she discovers Drew is the resort owner and had lied to her. After returning home, Trinity discovers she is pregnant and Drew tracks her down, insisting they get married.

🤩 Why I loved this book: This is the perfect beach read with a swoon-worthy romance and a billionaire baby daddy. 😉

2️⃣ [Not] The One

not the one

Miranda enters into a rebound relationship with her hot neighbor, James, despite knowing it’s a bad idea. They have a complicated relationship due to their differences in social status, but she enjoys the benefits. However, she becomes pregnant by him and realizes that he may not the one for her.

🤩 Why you should read this book: The dialogue and character arc makes this book one steamy package you will read in one night!

3️⃣ Pregnant by the Billionaire

pregnant by the billionaire

Kendall Ross, a PR agent, and Sawyer Locke, a hotel magnate with whom she had a one-night stand 6 weeks ago are forced to work together. They agree to keep things professional, but their plans are derailed when Kendall becomes pregnant. Sawyer must choose between his bachelor lifestyle and losing Kendall and their baby.

🤩 Why I loved this book: Call me cliche but I love a good Harlequin romance book. I loved that the setting for this book was a big historic hotel that was being restored. The added family dynamic along with the main characters’ chemistry really made this book a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars read for me.

Historical romance novels with pregnancy

These books are set in historical times and feature a couple who must navigate the challenges of a pregnancy during a time when childbirth was more dangerous and medical care was limited. Plus these types of novels tend to have TONS of swoon-worthy moments.

1️⃣ The Flame and the Flower

the flame and the flower

Heather Simmons is forced to flee from a life of toil and finds refuge in the arms of a dangerous stranger, Captain Brandon Birmingham. Despite the risks, Captain Birmingham is determined to make Heather his woman and take her on a journey of passionate love.

🤩 Why I loved this book: GUUYS! If you have never read a historical romance then you are missing out on some serious gold. This is the quintessential HR and will make you so happy. The writing style is very detailed and will transport you back in time.

Where to Shop:

2️⃣ The Duchess Deal

the duchess deal

The Duke of Ashbury needs an heir and decides to marry Emma Gladstone, a vicar’s daughter turned seamstress. However, their marriage is to be in name only, with no kissing or sharing a bed after Emma becomes pregnant. But Emma has her own rules, including having dinner together every evening and falling in love once she sees the man beneath the scars.

🤩 Why I loved this book: Are you swooning because I am swooning!! This book has the best banter, humor, character arcs, and steamy romance. 💖 Please go add this book to your romance books with pregnancy TBR list.

You are wet, and you are cold. You don’t like being cold. Therefore, I despise you being cold. I would go about murdering raindrops and setting fire to the clouds, but that would take slightly more than an hour. Perhaps even two. So we’re here, and you will cease complaining about it.

Where to Shop:

3️⃣ The Buccaneer

the buccaneer

Lady Isabella Scranford becomes pregnant and her lover refuses to do the honorable thing, leaving her with no support from friends or society. Isabella makes a fateful decision in response that leads her into the hands of the town recluse Bear of Barcham Wood.

🤩 Why you should read this book: The character development of Isabella is amazing to read. She is known for being cold and cruel, but throughout the book, you really get to see her grow into a warm and loving woman. Their romance is so sweet and beautiful to read.

Where to Shop:

Dark Romance Novels with Pregnancy

In these books, pregnancy is often a result of a dark and unconventional relationship with dangerous men.

1️⃣ The Mistake

the mistake

A powerful billionaire becomes obsessed with his brother’s fiancee after a one-night stand. He later discovers that their engagement was fake and decides to blackmail her into becoming his assistant. The story is about his wish for vengeance and her pregnancy following their meeting.

🤩 What I loved about it: The MFC is pregnant for most of the book and the drama/tension is VERY intense with this book. It’s definitely not for the light of the heart since it is close to a bully romance.

Where to Shop:

2️⃣ Bloodied Hands

bloodied hands

This book starts out with a bank robbery that reunites two former lovers, Ivory and Matteo. Matteo is now a dangerous man with a reputation, and Ivory is caught up in a game she never agreed to play. Despite their past, Matteo is determined to keep Ivory in his life and protect her from the consequences of her actions.

🤩 Why I loved it: This book is a second-chance romance with a very ALPHA male. Ivory was also a very strong character and their chemistry are off the charts.

Where to Shop:

3️⃣ Dubious


A loan shark named Gaberial falls for a woman named Valentina. Despite his initial intentions to kill her and her brother, he devises a plan to keep her.

🤩 Why you should read it: One of my favorite parts of this book is the fact that Gaberial is described as very ugly. Often when you read these types of books everyone is so beautiful and the author did a great job stepping away from that. Both of the main characters were strong and loyal in different ways which made it a very steamy romance.

Where to Shop:

Did you find the best romance books with pregnancy in them?

Romance books with pregnancy tropes come in many different subgenres. You can choose from more contemporary settings or historical and experience swoon-worthy character arcs.

While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to reading, these books can offer a welcome escape and a source of comfort and support if you are currently pregnant or trying to.

Whether you’re a fan of these novels or just want to read something during pregnancy, these books can give you an idea of what being a parent is about. They are relatable, heartwarming, and entertaining.

So why not relax with a good book and let the stories of love, family, and new beginnings transport you to a world of happy endings?

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