Best Hockey Romance Book Recommendations to Start Reading Now

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Love Off the Rink Hockey Romance Book

Winter is here and one of my favorite things to do during this season is to read cozy winter books especially if they include the popular hockey romance book trope!

There is nothing better than reading some steamy romance set in winter, that makes me squeal like a weirdo. I love atmospheric books like ones set in New Orleans or in the ice rink.

If you have been on bookstagram lately you probably have noticed that everyone is talking about Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, which is a very popular hockey romance book. In honor of this trend, I want to share with you my top book recommendations for hockey romances.

best hockey romance book recommendations list with images of sport hockey romance book covers in background

What is a hockey romance?

A hockey romance book is focused on hockey players and their love interests. Often there is lots of steam and tension on and off the ice which makes it a great read. They have a HEA (happily ever after) just like any good romance novel.

Hockey romance books are popular among readers because they often feature classic favorite tropes like the reformed bad boy, HEA, and steamy romances.

Best Hockey Romance Books To Read Right Now

22 | Puck Me Secretly

puck me secretly

This is about a woman named Rory who is determined to experience real, passionate love. The story begins with Rory on a plane that is going down, and she confesses her feelings to her seatmate, a muscular stranger.

They both survive the crash and he promises to help her fulfill her desire. Right after he rocks her world he leaves without telling her who he is.

On her first day of work, she is shocked to discover that her seatmate was Max, a hockey player on the Vancouver Wolves team, whose wild and out-of-control antics have almost derailed his career. Max has many secrets in his past that continue to threaten his future and Rory must decide if she can keep his secret, knowing it could ruin everything.

🤩 What I love about it: Odette Stone is a QUEEN at writing hockey romance books! She is a great one to start out with if you are just starting in this sub-genre, plus she is on kindle unlimited.

21 | Garrett


This is a swoon-worthy hockey romance book recommendation about Carolina Cold Fury hockey star, Garrett Samuelson, who never wants to miss out on a single minute of fun. He meets Olivia Case and is immediately attracted to her, but as he pursues her, he starts to see a different side of himself and develops real feelings for her.

However, Olivia is keeping a secret, she’s undergoing treatment for serious medical issues and is unsure if she’ll live to see the next day. The story follows their relationship as they both navigate the challenges of falling in love while also dealing with personal struggles.

As they get to know each other, they start to fall for each other, but Olivia is hesitant to reveal her secret, which could risk everything.

🤩 What I love about it: You will have all the feelings reading this book including crying, laughing, and squeaking in delight.

20 | Shutout


This is the story of two estranged individuals, Easton and Caroline, brought back together by a surprising revelation. Easton is a professional hockey player who has achieved success and wealth but feels empty and hollow, longing for something more in his life.

Caroline’s husband has died, leaving her with twin children and no means of support. When a DNA test reveals the true parentage of her children, she turns to Easton who had turned his back on her in the past.

🤩 What I love about it: This story is about forgiveness, family, and second chances.

19 | The Deal

the deal

The Deal by Elle Kennedy is described as one of the best sports romance novel for a reason. It is about a woman named Hannah Wells who is attracted to a college bad boy, Garrett Graham, but she has a lot of baggage when it comes to relationships.

In order to get his attention, she agrees to tutor him in exchange for a pretend date. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to realize that they have feelings for each other and their fake relationship turns into a real one.

🤩 What I loved about it: Lots of tension and steam as the characters learn to navigate their attraction despite their own insecurities.

18 | The Penalty Box

the penalty

Mica Petrov is a wild, hockey player, whose career jeopardizing situation requires drastic measures to be taken to keep him in the game. While Charlie is a personal assistant at the sports agency, who plays by all the rules.

Charlie is involved with some dangerous people because of her brother, so marrying Mica could help solve her money problems. When they move in together, though, they find it harder to keep their hands off each other.

He’s reckless and carelessly charming. How long can she keep fighting her attraction? What ghosts from his past is he brawling with?

🤩 What I loved about it: Some crazy tension with a dash of suspense makes this a great hockey romance book to grab.

17 | The Sweet Talker

the sweet talker

Noah Scotch is revered in Boston for his hockey-playing skills. Noah notices Indy and she can’t resist him. They dive into the deep end with a friends with benefits relationship.

But when Indy becomes pregnant, she has to get the courage to tell Noah. She fears whether she will end up on her own or together with his support.

🤩 What I loved about it: Suprise pregnancy trope and some great character growth throughout the book.

16 | Hot as Puck

hot as puck

The NHL’s biggest bad boy, Justin Cruise is about to fall for the virgin next door, Libby Collins. In return for her undying platonic loyalty, all she wants is an easy-peasy crash course on how to be a sex goddess. Expect the only guy he wants seducing her is him.

🤩 What I loved about it: Flirty, friends to lover hockey romance that gives me all The Ugly Truth movie vibes.

15 | Maxim

The leading scorer, Maxim, on the Reapers has unspeakable yips. The second his NHL legend of a father appears he can’t shoot for his life. And his mistakes might cost the team their chance in the playoff spot. Adding to the pressure, his little sister’s best friend, Evie, just became his roommate for the next five months.

When they finally cross that line, he discovers she is the cure to his problem. But his past comes back to bite them, and he will have to risk everything to show her she’s not just a lucky charm. She’s the endgame.

🤩 What I loved about it: This book ticks all the boxes for the best sports romance novel including friends to loves and roommate trope!

14 | Consider Me

consider me

Carter Beckett is a bad-boy NHL player known for his on-ice and bedroom skills, and his arrogant and self-centered personality. Olivia is initially unimpressed by him, but as she starts to let her guard down, she begins to see a different side of him and he starts begging for her time, trust, and a chance to prove himself to her. Despite his reputation, Olivia starts to consider him as a potential love interest.

🤩 What I loved about it: The corniest, reformed playboy trope book that you will fall in love with.

13 | Naughty or Ice

naughty or ice

Eva Bradshaw, a former Olympic figure skater has fallen on hard times and is willing to do whatever it takes to make ends meet, to care for her six-year-old daughter including violating her hard limit of no hockey players.

NHL center Walker Dunn has been stuck on the injured list for months and is shocked when he finds out that the woman who is going to help him get back into action is Eva, who he has an attraction too. The two must navigate their feelings for each other while trying to keep their professional relationship intact.

🤩 What I loved about it: Hate to love you trope with so much tension between the characters you will melt in a puddle.

12 | Rookie Move

rookie move

This book tells the story of Leo Trevi and Georgia Worthington, a former high school couple who were once perfect for each other, but were separated after Georgia left Leo.

Six years later, Leo, now a professional hockey player, is called up to the Brooklyn Bruisers, where he is faced with the challenge of getting over his past with Georgia, who is now the team’s publicist. Despite their efforts to keep their relationship professional, Leo’s feelings for Georgia are reignited when a press conference microphone catches him declaring his love for her, leading to a dramatic and emotional reunion.

🤩 What I loved about the book: Second chance romance with all the swooning and feels.

11 | Mister Hockey

mister hockey

Breezy Angel, is a huge fan of Jed West, the captain of the Denver Hellions, a winning NHL team. She has been drooling over Jed at games for years and even plays a starring role in her most toe-curling fantasies.

However, when Jed mistakenly assumes she’s more into books than pucks, she’s too flustered to correct his mistake. When he comes to her library for a summer reading event, he saves her from a costume malfunction and even kisses her.

But Jed’s dating policy is never to date a fan, so Breezy has to convince him that she’s not just a fantasy, but the perfect woman for him.

🤩 What I loved about it: Say yes because this book has hockey players and a bookish librarian romance!

10 | Jasper


This book follows Wolfie Williams, a “pint-sized blonde” who meets and falls for Jasper, the captain of an NHL team. Wolfie is sassy, fiery, funny, and sexy, and she quickly captures Jasper’s attention.

However, Wolfie is only staying for a limited amount of time, as she is planning to return to England in five months. Jasper is determined to make Wolfie understand that she cannot live without him and must find a way to keep her in his life.

🤩 What I loved about it: This book has he falls first, slow burn, friends to lovers book tropes!

9 | Sleet Kitten

sleet kitten 1

Sleet Kitten is a romantic comedy novel by S.J. Tilley. The story follows Katelyn, a book editor, who is caught sneaking around in the basement of a super-hot guy named Jackson Wilder, a professional hockey player. Jackson then sends her a mysterious package with tickets to a hockey game and the protagonist discovers he is famous.

Katelyn starts to question everything she thought she knew about herself and her life as she goes on a date with Jackson and gets involved in a viral video incident. Despite the confusion and uncertainty, she starts to fall for Jackson, but she’s not sure if he feels the same way or if he’s a player off the ice as well.

🤩 What I loved about it: Such a good binge read with great side characters and romance.

8 | Lucky Hit

lucky hit

This book tells the story of Oakley Hutton and Octavia Layton, two individuals who are vastly different in terms of their backgrounds and personalities. Oakley is a hockey prodigy who is ready to take the sports world by storm and live his dream, while Octavia is a young woman who is struggling to move past her broken past and overcome her fear of betrayal.

Despite their differences, Oakley and Octavia find themselves unable to stay away from each other. As they grow closer, they begin to push each other out of their comfort zones and discover that they have more in common than they initially thought. Together, they must navigate the challenges of their pasts and present in order to build a future together.

🤩 What I loved about it: Such a cute, sweet romance with great character growth.

7 | Change on the Fly

change on the fly

This book follows Maren who has been in love with her best friend’s brother, Reed, for years. Reed is a charming, player and a hockey superstar, but despite his reputation, Maren has always been drawn to him. When Reed’s world is suddenly turned upside down and he becomes the sole guardian of his nephew, Maren offers to help him navigate the challenges of being a single father.

As the two spend more time together, Maren tries to hide her feelings for Reed, but the close quarters and long hockey season make it increasingly difficult. Eventually, Reed realizes that he wants Maren and sets out to win her heart, but the stakes are higher than ever before and Maren’s heart is on the line.

🤩 What I loved about it: Single father romance, with so many good feelings.

6 | Kiss and Don’t Tell

kiss and dont tell

This hockey romance book recommendation is about Winnie Berlin, a young woman who gets lost in the Canadian Rockies during a thunderstorm and stumbles upon a cabin occupied by five professional hockey players.

One of them is her ex-boyfriend’s half-brother and she ends up staying the night with them. As she gets to know the players, she develops feelings for Vancouver Agitators star goalie, Pacey Lawes.

🤩 What I loved about it: The novel is about unexpected love and the challenges that arise when trying to keep a secret relationship.

5 | Forbidden Devil

forbidden devil 1

Forbidden Devil is a great hockey romance on kindle unlimited, in which Oliver Benson’s daughter, inherits her father’s hockey team, the Nashville Devils. As she takes on the role of team owner, all eyes are on her, waiting for her to fail.

However, her attention is drawn to Lincoln Dallas, the team’s captain and star right winger. Despite their forbidden attraction, Lincoln is determined to break the rules and risk it all for a chance at a romance with her.

🤩 What I loved about it: Steamy, second chance, forbidden romance with a strong alpha hero and a happy ending.

4 | Pucked

pucked 1

This is a spicy hockey romance novel about Violet Hall, a woman who is not impressed by the playboy reputation of her stepbrother’s hockey teammates, including the team captain, Alex Waters.

Despite her initial skepticism, Violet finds herself drawn to Alex after he proves to be more than just a pretty face with a rock-hard body.

As she starts to like him more, she struggles with the media’s portrayal of Alex as a player and her fear of getting hurt. The book follows Violet as she navigates her feelings for Alex and decides whether or not to trust him and be a part of his world.

🤩 What I loved about it: Medium spice level and He Falls First book trope.

3 | Mile High

mile high 1

“Mile High” is a book that follows Stevie, a flight attendant, who is assigned to work for the Chicago hockey team’s private plane. Stevie is immediately met with conflict when she meets Evan Zanders, one of the team’s players who is known for being arrogant and self-centered.

Despite her initial dislike for Evan, the two begin to develop a bond during the team’s road trips. As they spend more time together, Stevie starts to question her initial judgment of Evan and starts to see a different side of him.

🤩 What I loved about it: I love novels that blur the lines between love and hate, and Liz Tomforde does a fantastic job with this!

2 | Icebreaker


“Icebreaker” is a romance novel that follows the story of Anastasia Allen, a figure skater who is working towards earning a spot on Team USA. She gets a scholarship to the University of California, Maple Hills, and joins their competitive figure skating team. However, her plans are disrupted when she is forced to share a rink with the hockey team, including its captain Nate Hawkins, whom she can’t stand.

But when her skating partner’s future is uncertain, Anastasia may have to turn to Nate for help, and sparks begin to fly between them.

🤩 What I loved about it: This book is popular for a reason! It is everything you could want and expect from a hockey romance book.

1 | The Rebel

the rebel

The Rebel is a hockey romance book by Kendall Ryan. The story follows Holt, who has a chance encounter with Eden from his past, Eden is a woman he had a hot one-night stand with in college. The chemistry between them is still strong and they rekindle their relationship, but it must be kept secret due to certain circumstances. Holt is determined to claim not only her body but also her heart, despite her reluctance to give it to him.

🤩 What I loved about it: I love second chance romances and this one is perfect with the added twist of hockey!

Do these hockey romance books warm your heart?

I hope you enjoyed this list of hockey romance books that I loved and are recommended by a lot of other readers as well! Romance is one of my favorite genres to read and I love the added twist of the competitiveness of hockey in these books. I think sports romances will continue to rise in popularity as more readers enjoy this sub-genre of romance.

If you are looking for more fantasy romance book recommendations, check out this blog post of what to read after ACOTAR.

Happy reading! 📚

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