15 Best Gifts for Audiobook Lovers That They Will Actually Use

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Christmas Gifts for Audiobook Readers

I recently put together a huge christmas gift list for book lovers that was focused on readers who read physical books, but I do not want to leave out my fellow audiobook listeners! I have compiled a list of the best gifts for audiobook lovers that they will be excited to receive.

best gifts for audiobook lovers

How to gift an audiobook to a friend?

Before we jump into the list, you may be wondering how to even gift an audiobook subscription. Don’t worry it’s actually really easy! My favorite way to gift books is straight through Audible or Libro.fm. They both have dedicated pages where you can easily gift monthly subscriptions to whoever you want. Click the above links to see the process of gifting an audiobook subscription. 😊

List of Best Gifts for Audiobook Lovers

Let’s dive into the list! There are some really unique gifts on here but also a lot of practical gifts that will help any audiobook listener read more.

1. Audiobooks on vinyl records

This is the most unique gift idea for audiobook lovers. If someone already has a vinyl record player, then gifting a vinyl record audiobook makes for a really cool gift.

2. Audible Premium Plus Membership

The best gift is often the gift that leads to more reading. You can never have too many books to listen to and an Audible premium plus membership is a great way to listen to over 700,000 different titles. Check out how easy it is to gift a membership here.

3. Ereaders with Audiobook Capability

I am in love with my Kindle Paperwhite because you can not only read physical books but also pair them with your audible book selections!

4. Audiobook T-Shirts

Image Credit: BizzyBearDesigns
Image Credit: MileLongTBRboutique
Image Credit: magicalgadabout

I am obsessed with these t-shirts! These would make a great christmas gift for audiobook lovers who want to show off their bookish traits.

5. Audiobook Themed Stickers

Image Credit: NightShadePress
Image Credit: SadGhoulPress

A perfect addition to any gift is a bookish sticker! These can be placed on their Kindle, water bottle, and so many other places!

6. Kindle Book Sleeves

Image Credit: Raniajoe
Image Credit: OhSewBookish
Image Credit: BookNookSleeves

You can pair your Kindle gift with a book sleeve. These a great to store your e-reader on the go and keeping it safe during your travels.

7. Best Audiobook Headphones

The Apple over the ear headphones is one of the best ways to listen to your audiobooks and makes a great audiobook gift! They are noise canceling so you can get really immersed in your book as you listen.

8. Libro.fm Audiobook Subscription

Libro.fm is another great audiobook subscription. You can easily gift different credit bundles that they can use to listen to any books on their TBR. You can learn more about gifting audiobook subscriptions here!

9. Audiobook Coffee Mugs

Image Credit: MindJoggle
Image Credit: NovelMommaDesigns

Coffee and tea are essential for all book lovers. I love these cute mugs that showcase your love for audiobooks.

10. Giftcards to audiobook stores

If you rather not stress about the best gift for audiobook lovers then a gift card is the perfect option for you! This way the person can get exactly what they want to read. I love giving Amazon gift cards because they have thousands of options for every type of reader.

11. Wireless Earbuds

Sometimes wearing over the ear headphones can be bulky so having wireless earbuds is a great option for a gift. These Beats Studio headphones are popular for a reason! They work great for running errands or even working out and listening to your book. 😉

12. Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Nothing is cozier than laying in bed and listening to a good book. These Bluetooth sleep headphones have over 40,000 reviews on Amazon and are the best gift for audiobook lovers!

13. Waterproof/Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Having a portable AND waterproof speaker is a really practical gift. You can listen to your audiobooks while hiking or even in the shower. You can check out this value-packed speaker here!

14. Audiobook Review Journal

Image Credit: EmilyCromwellDesigns

Another Christmas gift for audiobook lovers is a review journal! You can gift a physical review journal or even a digital one! I have created an awesome Notion book Journal that you can track all the books you read including audiobooks. You can check it out here!

15. Power Bank Portable Charger

Last up on this list is a portable charger! That way no matter where you are you can still easily listen to your audiobooks. This is a really inexpensive gift that someone will actually use a lot.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this best gifts for audiobook lovers list! All of these ideas will make a great gift for any readers in your life. Make sure to bookmark this or share this with a loved one to give a subtle nudge in the right direction. 😊

Happy reading! 📚

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