140+ Book Recommendations for the A to Z Reading Challenge

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A to Z Book Challenge

It’s almost 2023, and like many other readers, I am preparing for a good year of reaching my reading goals! One of those goals is to participate in the A to Z reading challenge. I was researching what books I want to include but honestly couldn’t find a lot of up-to-date info.

So in my true book blogger fashion, I created the ultimate book list for the A to Z reading challenge! You should be able to find all the books you want to read to complete this challenge with a variety of different genres.

a to z reading challenge book challenge book list recommendations

What is the A to Z book challenge?

The A to Z book challenge is really simple. All you have to do is read 26 different books with each title corresponding to a letter from the Alphabet. An example would be if you need to read a book for the letter H, then any of the Harry Potter books would work!

A lot of people don’t include “The” or “A” as part of the title so they can get a wider selection or you can only use “The” titles for the letter T. It is really up to you and your preferences.

I’ve seen some people do the author’s name instead of the book title so you can do what works best for you. I suggest planning ahead of time want you to read so you can easily pick up the next book. You can also bookmark πŸ”– this page and come back and reference it whenever you are ready to move on to the next letter.

List of all Books

Since I will be recommending TONS of books, I am going to give you a quick one-sentence description of what the book is about, but I will be including the genre! You can click the links below each book to read the publisher’s description to learn more about it. πŸ€—

Books That Start with the Letter A

a thousand boy kisses

If you love crying then this is the book for you. 😭

all good people here

You will read this in one night, seriously chilling!! I loved it on audio.

almost there

If you haven’t read this author yet, YOU NEED TO! The best Disney retellings.


The happiest ever after with all the spice. 🌢️ Plus, it’s on KU for free.

a court of thorns and roses 1

If you haven’t read this series, then it’s time to join the club and include it in your A to Z book challenge.

a good girls guide to murder

The audiobook version is amazing! It’s the new Nancy Drew book.

Books That Start with the Letter B


Completely obsessed! If you love dark academia and want to read something that makes you feel at a loss for words, then add this book to your list!

book of night

A window into Adult Holly Black. πŸ˜‰

book lovers

Enemies to lovers with all the chemistry.

beyond the wand

I loved the audiobook! You will fall in love with Tom after reading this.

black cake

A beautiful novel about identity, loss, culture, and forgiveness.

by a thread

Gumpy x sunshine, workplace romance, and lots of steam. 🀩

Books That Start with the Letter C

curse of shadows and thorns

Dark, slow-burn enemies to lovers romance. ❀️‍πŸ”₯AND it’s on KU for free.


Complex characters and a book at its core about finding yourself.


Fun, vampire romance that is perfect for the A to Z book challenge.


All the feelings of adventure and sisterhood inside a warped wonderland world.


Bully college romance.


All the feelings from crying to happiness.

Books That Start with the Letter D

dear child

Intriguing characters and a plot that will have you on the edge of your seat.

daughter of the pirate king

Enemies to lovers on a pirate ship. ❀️‍πŸ”₯

dance of thieves

It has all the best tropes. Fake dating, enemies to lovers, and found family! Plus, the title is perfection. 🀌

daughter of the moon goddess

The best love triangle that will make you want to re-read this book every month.

den of vipers

Long mafia spicy romance. 🌢️🌢️🌢️🌢️


Written in 1987 by one of the few African American science fiction authors. This book is so compelling and uncomfortable at times. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster that you will return to over and over again.

Books That Start with the Letter E

embrace the darkness

Dark mafia romance. The first book in a series.

every summer after

Friends to lovers with second chance romance.

excuse me while I ugly cry

Enemies to lovers high school romance with a beautiful journey to conquering your fears and finding your identity.

electric idol

Hades and Persephone retelling.

evidence of the affair

Multiple POVs that will have you crying in under 100 pages.

elemental fae academy

Spicy fae romance that is ALSO a reverse harem. ❀️‍πŸ”₯

Books That Start with the Letter F

final girls

A book that will have you up all night with a HUGE thrilling end.

firefly lane

A book that spans years that will break you emotionally and see the true bond of friendship.

fractured freedom

Forced proximity, steamy standalone romance.

fire in frost

High School friendship and ghosts. 😊


Pirate romance with tons of adventure. πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

the fine print

Disney meets spicy romance.

Books That Start with the Letter G


Cinderella meets the comic con.

Gone girl

Amazing characters and thrilling twists and turns. Also, Nicholas Sparks rated it 5 stars on Goodreads.

the guest list

One of my favorite mystery novels this year! Set in Ireland with multiple POVs, and whodunit vibes.


Listen to the audiobook!

give me love

You will finish all 328 pages in one day.

good girl

Trust fund girl meets bad boy.

Books That Start with the Letter H


Adult Capitan Hook, Peter Pan retelling.

hidden pictures

This is an unforgettable read!

the hate you give

This book has been banned in some libraries for covering subjects like police brutality, racism, and violence. It is a MUST-read.

heart bones

Your heart will be broken but you will also be smiling?!! All the feelings in this book.

house of earth and blood

Absolutely loved this book! It has intricate characters and massive world building. You will be addicted to it. 😍

house of hades

Another spicy hades x persophone retelling that you don’t want to miss.

Books That Start with the Letter I

it ends with us

Atlas. That’s it. ❀️‍πŸ”₯

in a holidaze

Holiday, cozy winter read.

im glad my mom died

Winner of Goodreads best autobiography in 2022, this book gives us insight into Jennette’s past relationship with her mother, addiction, and mental health.

it happend one summer

One of my favorite romances from last year! Perfect for your A to Z book challenge!

the inheritance games

Fast-paced book (and series) that will have you captivated until the end.

the invisible life of addie larue

The characters are absolutely stunning and you will keep them with you forever.

Books That Start with the Letter J

jar of hearts

Dark, gritty thriller.

jasper vale

Small town, fake marriage, forced proximity, all the fun/tension.

jane eyre

Amazing romance book of its time! I loved the audiobook version well.

josh and hazels guide to not dating

Cutest laugh out loud relationship!

jack frost

Amazing world building and tension filled romance that will have you heated. πŸ˜‰

just like home

Spooky, slow build thriller with a huge finale.

Books That Start with the Letter K

kingdom of the wicked 1 1

Enemies to lovers, revenge, and so much beautiful tension. 🀌

king of wrath 2

Dark, billionaire/arranged marriage romance.

the kiss quotient

Cute, funny romance with a great representation of mental disorders.

the kiss curse

Witchy romantic comedy.


Horrific journey through American slavery with a time travel component added to it.

the kite runner

The book is set in the tumultuous time of shifting powers in Afghanistan and is a powerful story of friendship.

Books That Start with the Letter L

the love hypothesis

STEM rom-com fun.

love and gelato

Super sweet, cute romance.

lock every door

A gothic nightmare that will hook you in from the beginning.

love and other words

Best friends to lovers to second chance romance.

lucifers bride

A morally gray character that you want to love.

the lies i tell

A domestic thriller that dives deep into the motivations of different women.

Books That Start with the Letter M

the midnight library

Beautiful characters that grow so much by the end.

malibu rising

Follows four siblings’ relationship and gives you all the feels.


Verse-style writing dives deep into identity, first romance, and mental health.

my killer vacation

The banter makes me SO happy.

the maidens

Mystery dark academia vibes.

moon touched

Rejected mates, found family, and so much spice!

Books That Start with the Letter N

night circus

Slow build, with a beautifully descriptive setting and writing style.

never lie

You will think you have everything figured out by the end, but you won’t! It’s full of so many twists and turns that you will be shocked by the ending.

november 9

Heartbreaking and beautiful in true Colleen Hoover style.

neon gods

Must have for your A to Z reading challenge. Another Hades and Persephone retelling with the best chemistry. There is a reason you see this all over TikTok and bookstagram.


The best dark gothic vibes with angels vs. demons.

nineteen minutes

The publisher’s description says “the book asks simple questions that have no easy answers: Can your own child become a mystery to you? What does it mean to be different in our society? Is it ever okay for a victim to strike back? And who — if anyone — has the right to judge someone else?”

Books That Start with the Letter O

once upon a broken heart

Set in the world of Caraval, you will get the best fairytale setting and amazing characters.

only a monster

Enemies to lovers (soulmate) trope, magical worldbuilding, and the best character dynamics!

our violent ends

This is the second book in the duology, These Violent Delights. It is a stunning conclusion to an amazing retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

on these black sands

One bed trope, enemies to lovers with the most delicious slow burn. You will love this pirate adventure series for your A to Z reading challenge!

one of us is lying

β€œBreakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars”

one of the girls

Full of twists and secrets all set in the backdrop of Greece!

Books That Start with the Letter P

the prision healer

The political undertones and complex characters make this book an amazing read!

the perfect first

Found family plus opposites attract trope in this really cute romance book!


The truest enemies to lovers that I have ever read. I loved this whole series. Plus, it’s free on KU.

promises and pomegranates

Dark mafia retelling of hades and Persephone.

part of your world

This book will fill you up with all the happiest, lightest feelings. This a great book to read if you are in a reading slump!

the poppy war

This book has a beautifully descriptive world based on Chinese culture with unforgettable characters.

Books That Start with the Letter Q

A Quick Bite

Rom-com-style vampire romance.


With heavy historical and religious themes, you will be swept back in time to the reformation period following two complex characters.


Small-town suspense romance that you will read in one sitting. πŸ’–


I’m always happy with any Iris Johansen book and this one does not disappoint!

The Queens Gambit

A fast-paced book about feminism, addiction, and chess! Plus, it’s been turned into a brand-new Netflix series.

the quarry girls

Thrilling and disturbing read, that will make you claustrophobic.

Books That Start with the Letter R

reminders of him

Tragedy and romance are all bundled together in this book.


Magic, mythology, romance, and adventure. This is the mummy book you have been waiting for.

the reunion 2

This book has 6 POVs and you will love every minute of the family dynamics.

rock paper scissors

It’s supposed to be a romantic getaway, but things keep going wrong. It dives deep into the question: how well do you know the one you love?

realm breaker

A great fantasy book with a found family trope that is both character and plot-driven!

realms of ghosts and magic

The characters and their banter are everything you could want!

Books That Start with the Letter S

serpent and dove

A unique magic system, historical setting, and characters that are absolutely stunning.

six of crows

This book has amazingly complex characters and is set in the Grishaverse.

the soulmate equation 2

Adorable and swoon-worthy romance.

skin of the sea

A blend of African culture set in a mermaid fantasy world, YES, please!!

sadie 1

This book will tear your heart open.

the stopover 2

This book has mystery and romance which makes it perfect!

Books That Start with the Letter T

throne of glass

If you haven’t read this series yet, then this A to Z book challenge is the perfect time to start!

things we never got over 1

Grumpy x sunshine, small town romance. 😍

this woven kingdom

The most beautiful world building and an ending I still can’t get over.

1 tools of engagement

Enemies to lovers story, with really great character arcs and all the steam.

twisted love

Book tropes: Interracial romance, grumpy/sunshine, and forced proximity. πŸ‘€

these hollow vows

The Cruel Prince meets A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Books That Start with the Letter U

the unhoneymooners

The perfect summer romance to read well on vacation. Some of my favorite tropes are in this book like fake dating and the one bed. ❀️‍πŸ”₯

untying the knot

A woman who is ready for divorce and her husband isn’t ready to let her go. 🀩

under the dome

Multiple POV’s with twists that you will never guess.


The writing style is vivid and enchanting with a slow burn romance.

until you 1

Brothers best friend trope with a swoon-worthy romance.

unleash the night

I love every book from the Dark-Hunter series and this one does not disappoint! All the romance and suspense vibes with amazing chemistry between the two main characters.

Books That Start with the Letter V


A psychological thriller with so many good twists. It is worth all the hype.


“A gritty comic-book-style world in vivid prose: a world where gaining superpowers doesn’t automatically lead to heroism.”

vow of decpetion

Dark Russian mafia romance with a forced marriage trope.

violet made of thorns

You can expect enemies to lovers, morally grey FMC, magic, and he falls first tropes!

the vanshing half

This book dives deep into race, identity, belonging, and gender in the most painful and exquisite way.

vacation wars

Rom-com vacation romance!

Books That Start with the Letter W

where the crawdads sing

Beautiful prose-style writing telling the story of one very resilient girl. One of my favorite historical fiction reads of 2022.

wolf gone wild

So MUCH FUN TO READ! This book has humor, chemistry, and a slow burn romance that will absolutely love.

when in rome

A sweet retake on Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday.

wretched 1

Dark reimagining of The Wizard of Oz.


This book is perfect for you if you love Korean mythology and culture.

we are all the same in the dark

This book is a dark, creepy, small-town mystery that is a delicious slow burn.

Books That Start with the Letter X

The cutest teenage romance story. It has the “I didn’t know you were famous” trope and is for every woman who has ever daydreamed about falling in love with a band member.


This book is set in the 1980s and may be one of the coolest take on a female detective story. The whole series is amazing and you can read through the full A to Z book challenge with just Sue Grafton books.


This is a steamy alien romance with an alpha male and a strong heroine. If this is your thing, then I suggest you check out this book for the letter X.


This is a DARK mafia ADULT romance. Make sure to look up TW (trigger warnings).


A Creepy, dystopian world set not so far into the future that dives deep into topics like government control in media and the hypersexualization of women


If you love teen drama and are a fan of Twilight, you will love this book.

Books That Start with the Letter Y

youve reached sam

You will be constantly crying with this book. It dives deep into grief and what it means to let someone go.


A beyond creepy look into how easy it is to go from stalker to boyfriend in our digital age.

the younger wife

A really good domestic suspense novel, with intricate characters that will have you shocked at the ending.

yellow wife

From the publisher’s description, this “story follows an enslaved woman forced to barter love and freedom while living in the most infamous slave jail in Virginia.” A harrowing, emotional read that will live with you for years to come.

you deserve each other

Hilarious, enemies-to-lovers romance that is perfect to get you out of any reading slump.

the young elites

Complex characters + morally grey villains = 😍

Books That Start with the Letter Z


A seriously unique storyline that is both brutal and may be possible one day?

the zig zag girl

The audiobook is fantastic! It is full of illusions and surprise twists.

Z A novel of zelda fitgerald

This book is a fictional biography of Zelda Fitzgerald and her marriage to Scott Fitzgerald. It is told in first person, with outstanding writing skills that will have you feeling everything that Zelda goes through.

Zero Rpeat Forever

This book is so underrated! It has aliens, resilient teens in the face of danger, and great characters that you will love.

Zivas Prince

Interesting characters and plot line. If you like alien romance, then try this one out!


Stunning lyrical writing style and beautiful depth for a short story. This is a perfect book to sneak in during the new year.

A to Z Reading Challenge Template

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Happy reading! πŸ“š

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