A Court of Sugar and Spice by Rebecca F. Kenney | Book Review

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A Court of Sugar and Spice

With their inheritance restricted until their marriage, sisters Clara and Louisa, both in their twenties, must live with their godfather Drosselmeyer. One night, an accident brings to life one of the strange wooden dolls in Drosselmeyer’s mansion.

The Nutcracker doll is a cursed Fae prince, and he pleads for the sisters’ help. During the ensuing journey into the Fae realm, Clara encounters the handsome Sugarplum Faerie, and he promises her the chance to enact all the forbidden. fantasies she has dreamed of.

Meanwhile Louisa and the Nutcracker Prince battle and bicker over everything, despite the growing attraction between them. And to make matters worse, the entire Seelie kingdom is under threat of conquest by the Rat King, ruler of the Dread Court.

This is a spicy, adult, fantasy romance retelling of “The Nutcracker” fairytale.

Make sure to read trigger warnings!



One of my favorite things about this book was the characters! The story follows a dual POV between Lousia and Clara. They are both opposites in all things and their character development is superb. In the end, they almost become a reflection of each other as they take on different characteristics that they had.

Both sisters are from the human world. Louisa is a headstrong, run-into action and think later type of girl. While Clara is an artist, but more serious and restrained. They both played off of each other and created a fun dynamic to read.

Let’s get to the boys. 😉

Both boys are from the fae world. I am completely obsessed with Fin (and you will be too). He is a more twisted version of the sugarplum fairy and is seriously so fun. Then Lir, the nutcracker, is very conservative and bottled up emotionally.

Can you guess which sister ends up with what man?

Each character was well-rounded with growth from the beginning to the end. Even the side characters and different species were so well described. It is nothing like what I have read before. When you read the Rat King description you will seriously want to vomit. 🤢



Rebecca did a fantastic job of incorporating elements of the original Nutcracker and making it totally unique.

From the minute that the sisters step into the fae world, you are hit with such descriptive scenes that you will feel like you are part of the world.

Trunks, tall and golden, but also lithe and lavender. Trees, but they grow together into arches, pointed windows, and long colonnades like no tress would in our world. A bluish-lavender mist blures the distance, highlighted with soft pink spots like dim rosy fireflies.

Clara – A Court of Sugar and Spice



The storyline loosely follows the nutcracker plot but don’t expect it to be the same. There are main characters like Drosslemiyer, the Rat King, and others. But they are not at all like the ballet you go see during Christmas.

The plot line is quick and filled with spicy scenes but also really emotional scenes. Rebecca did a great job of balancing everything out.

I don’t want to give anything away about the plot but you can expect some unexpected twists and really great banter among the characters.

Overall Recommendation

Go get this book! That’s it. 😆

If you like spicy, fantasy, and just a fun read then you will love A Court of Sugar and Spice. I read it in one day and will probably re-read it every christmas season.

The characters are great to read, the setting is impeccable, and you will be up until 1 am finishing this book.

Happy reading! 📚

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